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Waterfowl Hunting

Uncle B and his outdoor team go hunting for ducks, geese, and other waterfowl hunts in crop fields or near big bodies of water.

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Deer & Turkey Hunting

In the Fall, Uncle B’s Outdoors embarks on adventures around the southeast in search of big whitetail and elusive Eastern wild turkey.

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Offshore Fishing

Bryant and the Painkiller Fishing Team embark on adventures chasing dolphins all throughout the Atlantic Ocean.

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About Bryant Stokes

Bryant is the President of Uncle B’s Outdoors, a graduate of Wofford College, and a native of Florence, South Carolina. He enjoys taking his family and friends on fishing adventures up and down the Eastern seaboard on his boat Painkiller and going on big game hunting adventures around the U.S.

Bryant and his Painkiller Fishing Team contribute to important research with the Dolphin Research Program (DRP) which helps establish the temporal and spatial occurrence, movement patterns and essential habitat of the common dolphinfish occurring in those locations.

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